Product design December 3, 2018

Waves Wallet: Crypto App

The world’s fastest cryptocurrency exchange

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The platform allows any user to issue a cryptographic token for less than a minute, and to raise funding through a crowdfunding campaign.

Waves is a platform that runs one of the first decentralized exchanges in history, Waves opened DEX, which allows users to trade any pair of tokens without conducting a transaction through an intermediate currency. It takes a few milliseconds to approve the transaction.

DEX works faster and safer than traditional cryptocurrency exchanges. The work of the exchange is provided by the match.

wavs blockchain
Get Started with Blockchain
Become part of a fast-growing area of the crypto world. You are the only person who can access your crypto tokens.
Decentralized Exchange
Trade quickly and securely. You retain complete control over your funds when trading them on our decentralized exchange.
wavs wallet
Store manage and receive interest on your digital assets balance, easily and securely.

Multi-language interface

waves sketch lokalise

Unified design

Regardless of the platform of use, our design system looks the same in the environment of its use, which positively affects the user experience (iOS, Android, Web Apps).

Viewport size in project:

waves sizer
waves unfieddesign

Prototype and atoms

All screens are linked to create an up-to-date user path and gives the team a complete view of the various states on the screen. For prototype, we use a standard Sketch Link.Everyone loves the system design and UI Kit, and we are no exception. Each platform is linked to a shared library of Waves components that includes typography and a set of colors.
waves sketch

Your crypto wallet

Waves Wallet provides our users with the best mobile trading app, enabling fast and secure access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens including WAVES, BTC, ETH, USD and many more.
waves appblock1
waves appblock2

By the way, widgets!

To keep our finger on the pulse, we have made divine widgets that support both light and dark themes, and the user can manage the content of the widget
waves appblock3

Revolutionary sorting

There are a lot of tokens in the crypto world and sorting them is a pain. But we came up with a sorting mode that allows you to manage both visibility and order within the list in three categories (favorites, regular list, archive).Also! Added the ability to smart clear the list, where tokens without balance will be moved to the archive, and frequently used currencies will be added to favorites, magic.
waves revolutionarysorting
waves transactiondetails

Transaction details

Blockchain transactions contain many attributes, we processed the data which is received by the user and gave them clear explanations and views.The unification of many types of transactions gave us a complete understanding of how to work with blocks, what content is needed in each of them, and this even influenced the refactoring of working with transactions on backend.
waves assetsicons

Preview token and asset

To hell with crypto anarchy, it is not clear! This is what we were guided by. You do not need to be in the "topic" of the blockchain, if the user used the banks app, they will be familiar with the user flow.We set the trend for a clear interface in the crypto world because we were the first to do this.
waves previewassets

The most important button

The fastest blockchain needs the ability to quickly call important functions, including sending, receiving, exchanging, and scanning qr codes
waves showactions
waves showactions2

Skeleton & Global error

Error unification is an important point in the operation of such a complex application. In addition, the amount of data received is also larger and waiting for loading can take a long time. Therefore, we have laid down a common language for displaying these scenarios.
waves skeleton

December 3, 2018 · Announcement of a major app update

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Ruslan Prokofiev iOS Lead Developer
Pavel Gubin iOS Developer
Eduard Zaydel Android Developer
Alexander Ershov Android Developer
Vasily Kuznetsov QA Lead Engineer
Tatyana Tsiguleva CPO
Maks Simonov Product Lead Designer