Waves Platform

What I've been doing

× Writing releases/sprints, product development plans;
× Full supervision of the mobile development department (standups, retrospectives, 360s, task completion results);
× Working on feedback from the community, beta testers;
× Work on the UI/UX mobile Waves Wallet and connecting to other products as needed;
× Development and support of UI kits;
× Pre/post release testing of apps/products;
× Analyzing competitor projects, building and confirming user-case hypotheses;
× Mentoring/coaching/co-working with product designers;
× Creating interactive prototypes;
× Localization process management and supervision of localizers;
× Dense work with analytics (Firebase, Amplitude, Appfollow).

February 2018 → September 2019

My role is Lead Product Designer
6 persons in my employ


That was cool. Crypto, a world project, a lot of events. I met some great guys. My dream team. We successfully combined professional work and wild breakaway. We were written about in the crypto-world and were looked up to for a while.

Together with a team of selected psychopaths and masters of their craft, we’ve released a fat update on both platforms (🤖&🍏).
Half a world of users, 12 languages, a bunch of new feeds, and even more development plans. It was loud, fun, dangerous, and unforgettable.

Excerpt from my Instagram

By the way, we gave our colleague a picture of us getting our heads cut off.
Also, on New Year’s Eve, we set off fireworks from bazooka hands.


× The Waves Client design system created;
× The basis for the creation of an external design system (media, design kit);
× The work of the mobile direction built and automated from scratch;
× A number of additional projects were successfully launched together with the project teams (Keeper, Explorer, Design System);
× Constant communication between all the designers in the company was established and weekly design meetings were launched;
× Full-featured collection of product analytics;
× The process of product localization is set up;
× All products are covered by a single design system.