What I've been doing

× Problem-solving and challenges to improve service;
× Increasing rental conversion, rate usage and service retention;
× Hypothesis testing through A/B tests and running UX experiments;
× Analyzing competitor projects, UX research, building and confirming use case hypotheses;
× Dense work with analytics (Firebase, Amplitude, Appfollow);
× Development and support of UI kit;
× Mentoring and management of the design team.

April 2020 → February 2021

My role is Lead Product Designer
3 persons in my employ

Working with

P.s. I have nothing to do with the new design. Unfortunately, I can’t help the guys to get on the right track and not make bad UX and UI.
I will remove this toxic line when I can be happy for my former colleagues.


When I left the company, I picked up a lot of things and gave a lot in return. I met great people with whom I communicate and do side projects to this day.

To date, this is the most emotional and tangible service I’ve ever done. Real cars, you get in and go about your business.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, so if you use carsharing I definitely recommend it (or wait until it appears in your city 🤞), you can feel it improving every day.

Excerpt from my Instagram


× A platform for experimentation in conjunction with Useberry has been created;
× Integration between Figma and Xcode/Studio has been configured;
× Arranged integration with the Lokalise localization service;
× Smart design system created for the company’s common products (Delimobil, Anytime Prime, B2B services);
× Created the execution of drivers’ rating in the form of gamification and launched a quiz to analyze drivers’ reactions (anti-drinking mode).

Examples of created